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  • [done] enable sorting
  • [done] ajaxified sorting, searching & pagination

Screens and sortable columns

  • [done] posts (including pages): Title, Author, Comment count, Date [unsortable: Categories, Tags]
  • [done] users: Login, Name, E-mail, Posts [unsortable: Role]
  • [done] media: File name, Author, Date, Attached to
  • [done] terms (hierarchical and liniar): Name, Description, Slug, Posts
  • [done] comments: Author, Comment text, In response to
  • [done] links: Name, URL, Relationship, Visible, Rating [unsortable: Categories]
  • [done] ms-sites: Path, Last Updated, Registered
  • [done] ms-users: Login, Name, E-mail, Registered
  • [done] plugins: Plugin Name, Description
  • [done] plugin-install: Name, Version, Rating, Description
  • [done] themes
  • [done] theme-install